Central U.S. Severe Storms and Tornadoes

Concentrated bands of severe thunderstorms spawned destructive tornadoes in portions of Kansas.

Isolated bands of severe thunderstorms have been making their way through the Central Plains since the beginning of the week, resulting in instances of grapefruit-size hail, torrential rain and tornadoes in portions of Kansas and Nebraska.

According to media outlets, concentrated structural impacts have been sustained in Selden, Kan. (Sheridan County, 67757), after a confirmed tornado reportedly damaged more than 100 area properties Monday night.

On Wednesday, a new round of storms spawned a confirmed tornado over Herndon, Kan. (Rawlins County, 67739). Initial reports have indicated that at least one home was damaged.

Approximate areas reportedly sustaining structural damage:

  • Herndon (Rawlins County, 67739)
  • Selden (Sheridan County, 67757)
    *Concentrated home damage reported (100+ structures)
Media Coverage

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