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Average Turn Time: Five Days

Completed reports delivered in five days. can lower costs by reducing vendor management responsibility through small to large-risk market reporting.

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Field Network: 49,000 Strong

The captive field network includes 4,000 property inspectors/professional loss control representatives as well as a crowdsourced network of 45,000 representatives skilled in mobile technology and policyholder interaction.

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Average Field Assignment Distance: 11.5. Miles prioritizes the management of field representative assignment distance, which is key to reducing cost. We are closer to the next assignment than any other competitor.

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Premium Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance Services


Safeguard Properties has been providing field services to the financial sector for 30 years. Over the last several years, we averaged processing over 1.2 million reports per month through the nation’s best field network. The property and casualty (P&C) insurance services team has 20 years of experience providing property inspections, loss control consulting, claims verification and estimating for P&C clients. We proudly serve small to large-risk markets.

From client order receipt to completion, every step is automated and processed through enterprise-grade software and data centers.

Safeguard Insurance Services ( utilizes a field network of more than 45,000 experienced representatives covering all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our support network includes quality analysts assisting our field team and reviewing every report.


  • Property inspections for small to large risk markets.
  • Professional loss control for risks with a higher degree of technical complexity.
Our reports store information in a granular fashion. To gain a greater understanding of reporting turn-time, number of concerns identified, proximity to hazards, and more, is the premier management reporting solution. Our reporting platform dashboards perform in real-time, offering instant access to properly analyze new and renewal business.


  • Loss Verification Inspections
  • Desk Estimating
Looking to reduce the cost of processing claims? delivers highly scalable loss verification and restoration estimating for property claims. Possessing the flexibility to manage everything from a small confined event to a large-scale catastrophe, we have your firm covered.

Technology utilizes enterprise-grade software and data centers that ensure client data security. Our cloud-based, loss control reporting platform represents a leap forward for software serving the P&C insurance industry. Our software solutions are nimble and easily adaptable for a wide variety of individual client needs.

Cost | Value | Price

The highest cost incurred by a field network representative is the distance to the next assignment. Combined with the cost of technology systems infrastructure and software development, the result is a high unit cost for small-risk property inspections. For competitors, these costs translate to a higher price point for a homeowner’s property inspection.

The upshot? A larger, more widely dispersed field network travels a shorter distance to their next assignment, which further reduces cost. Our advanced software architecture also drives costs down by making data capture more efficient. leads our business sector with fair, easily understood pricing plans. For most clients, annual savings can exceed 25%. We understand that most prefer a simple, flat-rate pricing structure. For those clients, we can establish a single, nationwide price. For clients that prefer granularity in terms of different prices, we can price based on the density of reports.

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Average Turn Time:
Five Days

Is your current vendor late on hundreds of reports? With a mission of best-in-class performance, will complete all work and keep you in consistent production. From new order to completed report in just five days, you will never need to ask, “Where are my results?” Through strategic coordination with our extensive field network and innovating enterprise technology, we can cover more ground in a cost-effective manner while expediting results. Consider how can lower your costs by reducing vendor management responsibility through small to large-risk market reporting.

Field Network:
49,000 Strong

Our captive field network includes 4,000 property inspectors and professional loss control representatives with local and regional expertise. provides industry-leading scalability through a crowdsourced network of 45,000 representatives possessing a demonstrated skill set including mobile technology and policyholder interaction.

Average Field Assignment Distance: 11.5 Miles

How close is your current vendor’s field representative to the next assignment? The value of managing this cost driver is key to pricing. We are closer to the next assignment than any other competitor. Discover how this can reduce your firm’s cost.